Life School Classes

The Mindful Family is committed to providing education and support to people who are interested in learning about new concepts and prioritizing their own personal growth.

Life School is a place for you to come to learn a little bit about a variety of topics
(similar to a TED talk but 30-40 minutes in length max.) Each class will give you a few pointers onto make some improvements to you and your families life experience.

Below you will find a list of the classes that we are currently offering divided by topic. Click on each link for a detailed description and teacher bio.

Classes that have a date next to them are teleclasses; we invite you to register to be on the live call and get your questions answered by the presenter directly.

Classes with no date have been previously recorded so you can listen to them at your leisure.

Physical Health and Nutrition
Unleash the Motivation to Change How You Eat, FOREVER!

The Sexy Mommy Lifestyle: 10 Tips That Will Change Your Life

Spiritual Health
Mindfulness For Mommy's

Parenting Topics

Helping Children Navigate Grief

From Toddlers to Tweens: Raising Kids As They Grow

Are you a Sleep Deprived and Scared Mommy?

Financial Abundance

Organizing Your Life to Have a Successful Home-Based Business

Personal Growth

Simplifying Social Media for Moms and Mompreneurs

Parent Chat: Interviews with other parents to learn about a personal or parenting challenge they were able to overcome.

Raising Your Children Without Popping a Xanex
An Interview with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW and Regina Radomski, Author, Speaker and Life Coach

Click Here if you would like to learn more about being a presenter and to recommend a parent for us to interview.


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